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Ring for Life Program

Ring for Life Guarantee

With TitaniumOnline’s “Ring for Life Guarantee”, you will always have a perfect fit!

When choosing a titanium ring your selection might be based on its fashionable and unique look, its durability or the fact that titanium is a hypoallergenic metal. Whatever your reason, TitaniumOnline understands that your ring is a part of you, and we want to make sure that you can continue to wear your ring forever. This is why TitaniumOnline offers a “Ring for Life Guarantee”, allowing you to size your ring for a bigger or smaller finger size at any point in time.

For a one-time replacement fee based your titanium ring style  

  • •        Plain/grooved titanium rings - $35
  • •        Engraved titanium rings - $45
  • •        Colored titanium rings - $50
  • •        Titanium rings with gemstones/diamonds - $55
  • •        Titanium & precious metal inlay - $ 70

How does it work? When you complete your purchase, just be sure to keep a copy of your invoice somewhere safe. If at any time, you find that your ring no longer fits your finger properly, simply return the ring to us (along with a copy of your invoice). We will send you a replacement in the correct size.

Paying this one-time fee allows you to exchange your ring (once or twice) at any point in time. Like this, you will have a ring that will always fit. If ever you find your ring is too small or too large for whatever reason. Simply contact our always-helpful customer service team and provide them with your original invoice number and we will take care of the rest hassle free.

Here at TitaniumOnline we strongly believe in providing our clients with the highest quality of customer care and we feel better knowing that for as long as you own your ring, you will have the reassurance that it will always fit.